Anti-wrinkle injections guide for males

From ‘bro-tox’ through to fat freezing, more and more men are seeking cosmetic treatments. One of the most popular treatments is anti-wrinkle injections. This is because of their ability to naturally refresh the male complexion, leaving men looking less tired and stressed.


Why men are turning to anti-wrinkle injections

Men are using wrinkle injections to remove ‘grumpy old man’ stress lines and create a healthier appearance. Much like why women turn to the popular cosmetic treatment, it’s all about looking more rejuvenated and fresh. Outside of cosmetic use, they’re also using them to treat medical conditions such as excessive sweating.

It’s a tricky territory for the uninformed though with many men at risk of losing the ‘male aesthetic’ through incorrectly applied or overused treatments. For women, anti-wrinkle is used to raise the eyebrow arch, enhance the cheekbones, and create a slender jawline. However this is the total opposite of the ideal male aesthetic.

For men seeking anti-wrinkle injections, it’s important that we ensure that they don’t walk away with immobile appearances and feminine characteristics. We’ve all seen examples of some male celebrities who have ‘raised eyebrows’ over their wrinkle injection use in recent years.


Treating men with anti-wrinkle injections

To retain masculinity with anti-wrinkle treatments, clinicians must inject in a way that enhances their male clients’ features. This includes creating a strong jawline and low eyebrows. The dosage also varies between males and females.

Achieving the best, most natural looking result comes down to the depth of experience of your treating clinician. Ensure your engage a qualified cosmetic doctor or nurse to perform the treatment and always book an in-depth consultation prior. This gives you the opportunity to talk through your goals and your clinician the chance to review your skin and determine the best place and dosage required to achieve your desired result.

At Artisan, our cosmetic injectable treatments are administered by our team of highly skilled doctors and nurses. They are masters of their craft with years of experience in the non-invasive medical aesthetics industry.

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