Artisan Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Not sure what to get mum this Mother’s Day? Here’s our guide to the top treatments to gift mum and leave her skin glowing long after she leaves the clinic.  


1. HydraFacial MD

This powerhouse treatment is the perfect Mother’s Day gift. It goes beyond your standard facial to cleanse, extract, exfoliate and hydrate, leaving your mum with a totally radiant complexion.  

Price: From $205 for our Signature treatment 

Treatment Time: 45 minutes 


 2. Clear + Brilliant 

Looking for a gentle yet effective Mother’s Day gift? This gentle laser treatment resurfaces your skin to reduce fine lines and pigmentation while brightening and plumping for a long-lasting glow.  

Price: From $395 for one area (e.g. the face) 

Treatment Time: From 45 minutes (+30 minutes numbing cream prep) 


 3. Hydrate & Heal

 This Ultra Package includes a powerful HydraFacial to exfoliate and extract dirt from pores while infusing your skin with antioxidants and nutrients to lock in high levels of hydration. This is followed by a customised mask and dose of LED Light Therapy to boost collagen production for a luminous, glowing complexion.  

Price: $325 

Treatment Time45 minutes 


4. Resurface & Rejuvenate

This Ultra Package is perfect for brightening lacklustre skin. Including Laser Genesis, a Procedure Peel and LED Light Therapy, this treatment will reveal glowing, smooth and clear skin.  

Price: $455 

Treatment Time: From 60 minutes 


5. Skin Fresh 

Carried out over two weeks, this UltraPlus Package includes a moisture surging HydraFacial, a revolutionary Clear+Brilliant treatment to improve texture, tone and pore size, and a healing light therapy to plump skin for a radiant, youthful glow.  

Price: $580 

Treatment Time: This package is carried out over two weeks 


Still not sure what’s right for mum? Purchase one of our Luxe Artisan Gift Cards and design your own bespoke package to spoil her with or let her choose from our wide range of treatments and products.