Four common areas for anti-wrinkle treatment

Despite their name, anti-wrinkle injections have a multitude of uses outside of wrinkle reduction. From contouring your face, to lifting and accentuating your best features, here are our top four ways we can use anti-wrinkle injections to transform your face: 


Anti-wrinkle injections can have a ‘lifting’ effect on the eyebrows when injected into particular areas of the forehead to prevent brows from pulling downward. This creates a beautiful arch that can help to accentuate your facial features. Likewise, anti-wrinkle injections can also be used in reverse by being administered into the depressor of the brow to reduce overarching caused by ageing.   


Does your top gum line show too much when you smile? You could be suffering from a gummy smile, medically defined as excessive gingival display. If this sounds like you then anti-wrinkle injections, combined with dermal filler injections can help enhance your lips and reduce the appearance of too much gum above your top teeth when you smile. Anti-wrinkle injections can be administered to the area above your top lip and underneath your nose, relaxing the muscles there and preventing overuse, while dermal filler can be injected into your lips to plump and add volume.   


Anti-wrinkle injections are an effective treatment for slimming your jawline, as well as treating an overactive and prominent masseter (chewing muscles) that can cause teeth grinding and clenching and lead to enlarged side cheeks. When injected into the masseter, anti-wrinkle injections can relax the muscle, resulting in a slimmer, more defined jawline. As an added bonus, the injections can also prevent teeth grinding and clenching.  


Finally, the main use for anti-wrinkle injections – reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Whether it’s pesky crow’s feet, bunny lines from scrunching your nose too much or forehead wrinkles and frown lines, anti-wrinkle injections are an ideal treatment for preventing and reducing unwanted wrinkles and fine lines.   

Our cosmetic injectable treatments are administered by our team of highly skilled doctors and nurses, each of whom are masters of their craft with years of experience in the non-invasive medical aesthetics industry. We specialise in techniques that will make your family and friends think you look well rested, taken care of and happy, rather than overdone or fake.  

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