Is Fraxel + HydraFacial the perfect combo for fresh, glowing skin?

Fraxel and HydraFacial treatment model

Fraxel® is the laser treatment to rejuvenate aged, wrinkled or sun-damaged skin. It’s one of our most popular treatments at Artisan and for good reason. It’s a powerhouse laser that boasts incredible results for our clients, and Autumn is hands-down the best time for this treatment. 

Fraxel® gives you a noticeably younger look without surgery. Results are immediate and progressive, meaning you see a noticeable difference from a single treatment – and many clients see results with only one treatment per year! 

Some of the benefits you’ll see after your first Fraxel® include: 

  • A reduction in fine lines and wrinkles such as crow’s feet and brow lines 
  • Less surface scarring, whether it be from acne or surgical 
  • Faded pigmentation from age spots, sunspots or other forms of pigmentation 
  • Lessens the appearance of actinic keratosis, a common pre-cancerous skin condition 

These results are impressive (as you’ll see in our before and after pictures below) and long-lasting. There simply isn’t a better way to resurface and rejuvenate aged, wrinkled or sun damaged skin. 

How do Fraxel® treatments work? 

Fraxel® is the original fractional skin resurfacing laser. It’s time-tested, proven technology and well recognised as the industry standard in terms of both safety and efficacy of results. It treats the skin by penetrating the top layer a fraction at a time, via hundreds of microscopic columns. This works to stimulate the body’s natural repair and renewal process. 

During the treatment, damaged skin cells are brought to the surface and shed, stimulating the production of fresh collagen. This results in a smoother, plumper and more youthful complexion.  

What to expect from your Fraxel® treatment? 

One of the biggest selling points of Fraxel® is its minimal downtime for a treatment with such amazing results. Even so, there is still a healing phase of seven days – of which the first three to four are the most obvious.  

Post treatment, your skin will be extremely red, with a sunburnt feeling. Mild swelling starts post treatment and peaks the morning after, lasting a day or so. Your skin will feel rough for up to a week as your skin sheds the dead and damaged skin cells, leaving fresh, vibrant and healthy skin to shine through. 

This is why Autumn is easily the best time to book in for your treatment. Reverse the damage of those summer months and take advantage of upcoming school holidays and public holidays (Easter weekend and ANZAC Day). April is always a busy time of year for Artisan, so if you’re wanting to take advantage of the upcoming holidays and experience our more powerful treatments that come with a little downtime, now is the best time to book. 

Most clients only need one Fraxel® per year to experience results. 

Is Fraxel® + HydraFacial the perfect combo? 

Enhance your Fraxel® results with a HydraFacial two to four weeks post-treatment to remove any remaining impurities and reveal fresh, glowing skin. 

Designed to deeply hydrate your skin, our signature HydraFacial treatment is not your everyday facial. It features a unique soft suction headpiece which removes dirt and debris from your pores, deeply cleanses, and infuses your skin with rich antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, peptides and other essential nutrients. 

It’s the perfect way to remove any last bits of damaged or dead skin that your body didn’t naturally shed itself. This helps your fresh skin shine through and lets you experience the best of your Fraxel® results that much sooner. 

At Artisan clinics, we’ve performed over 3,500 Fraxel® treatments with stunning results: 

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All before and after images are treatments performed by our doctors, nurses and dermal therapists. These images have not been retouched or Photoshopped in any way. 

This Autumn, receive a complimentary HydraFacial with every Fraxel® treatment.* 



*Offer ends 31 May, 2023. T&Cs apply