Going bald? How to naturally fight hair loss

Going bald is something many men and even some women fear as they get older, but did you know there’s now a natural treatment to help fight hair loss?

Already renowned for treating a range of cosmetic and medical conditions, platelet rich plasma (or PRP) is gaining traction in the field of regenerative medicine. It is particularly proving effective in treating alopecia and hair loss, providing people with a less daunting alternative to hair transplants.


The condition

Just like skin cells, hair cells go through different phases in the cell cycle. This includes a period of rapid growth, pigmentation and change to the hair shaft, followed by a relatively short phase where the hair cell ceases growth before it enters the final shedding stage.

In normal cases of hair growth, this cycle can take two to five years. For those with alopecia though, the hair follicle prematurely enters the shedding phase. Eventually this shortened life cycle can completely stunt further hair growth.


The treatment

PRP is a form of cosmetic injectable that is derived from your own blood. The treatment is quite simple. First, we collect the blood and transfer the sample into a test tube. We then place the test tube into a centrifuge machine that spins the blood until it separates into two distinct layers – plasma and red blood cells. Next, we extract the top layer of PRP concentrate that contains plasma, white blood cells and platelets and leave behind the red blood cells. Finally, we inject this concentrate into the scalp – stimulating the hair follicle to promote hair growth and regeneration.


The results

The secret behind PRP is the growth factors they possess which stimulate hair follicles to extend their lifecycle and prevent early regression. Results typically begin to appear around four to six months post-treatment. We recommend six treatments to achieve the best results with regular treatments thereafter to maintain the effect.

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