How to ensure you are receiving expert care

There’s no denying that non-invasive cosmetic treatments like injectables and lasers are booming. Whereas ten years ago there were only a few clinics operating, today everyone from your local hairdresser to your beauty salon seems to be offering anti-wrinkle injections or treatments that go beyond your standard facial. It begs the question; how can you make sure you’re putting your skin in expert hands?

There are three levels of cosmetic clinics. The first consists of beauty clinics run by beauticians, often referred to as dermal therapists or dermal technicians. These clinics offer standard beauty treatments including facials, peels, microdermabrasion and some light-based therapies. The second level consists of non-invasive cosmetic clinics run by doctors and cosmetic nurses who are qualified to administer a more diverse range of treatments including, cosmetic injectables, laser, skin tightening and body contouring. The final level consists of cosmetic surgeries, run by cosmetic surgeons who perform more invasive procedures including breast augmentation and liposuction.

When determining the safest clinic that is going to deliver the best results, always ask two questions:


  1. Is there a doctor on site?

Nearly all injectable treatments are classified as S4 drugs and require a prescription from a doctor. That doesn’t mean that the doctor has to be on site though. Quite a few clinics and salons have doctors that prescribe over Skype. This has its limitations when it comes to assessing your suitability for the treatment. At Artisan, we employ leading doctors to give clients the option of having a face-to-face consultation prior to prescribing any S4 drug. Our clients can also then choose to have their treatment with their prescribing doctor if they desire. However, all of our doctors are supported by highly qualified cosmetic nurses who are experienced in administering cosmetic injectables.


  1. What qualifications do your clinicians have?

Regardless of whether you’re getting a laser treatment or a facial, always check your treating clinician’s qualifications. As a guide, injectables should only be administered by a doctor or a cosmetic nurse. Likewise, lasers should only be administered by nurses and dermal therapists who have undergone training with the laser’s supplier and who are qualified to perform laser treatments. Always ask how many years of experience your clinician has as well. At Artisan, all of our doctors, nurses and dermal therapists have undergone extensive training and are constantly attending conferences to upskill and keep abreast of emerging technologies and treatments.


Another point of difference for Artisan is that our clinics are guided by our own medical board. Our board are at the forefront of ensuring best practice across our clinics through research and development and liaising with regulatory bodies. They drive high standards of clinical safety, training and care not just across our clinics but the industry as a whole.

Our medical focus goes to the heart of what we do at Artisan. Our clinics are doctor-led, enabling us to deliver medical expertise and safety to our clients with every treatment.

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