How to remove negative emotions from your face

Artisan Doctor, Dr Kathy Gallagher reveals how to remove negative emotions from your face.

Many clients I consult with are seeking cosmetic treatments because they see something about their appearance they are not happy with. They are concerned that they look tired, angry or sad; even when they’re feeling the opposite.

So why is it that we see these negative emotions, particularly as we age?

Facial ageing explained

Facial ageing leads to volume loss in some areas and heaviness or sagging in others. This leaves the face displaying negative emotions that you may not feel internally. For example, sagginess in the jowl area can be mistaken for sadness and volume loss around the eyes can make you look tired.

The good news is that through an expert consultation, we can identify and then treat the specific areas of the face that are responsible for these negative emotions.

The Treatment

One of the methods I use to assess my clients is referred to as ‘MD Codes’. This method involves identifying the areas of the face that are contributing to the negative emotions. I then plan treatments for my clients based on their priorities and rejuvenation goals. Each treatment plan typically involves a number of sessions using dermal fillers and sometimes anti-wrinkle injections.

The Results

Every treatment restores volume and lifts sagginess on the face by erasing the effects of ageing that are associate with negative emotions. This leaves you looking less saggy, tired or sad and more naturally refreshed, youthful and attractive. Who doesn’t want that?!

Doctor Kathy Gallagher is a treating doctor at Artisan Racecourse Road with more than 14 years of experience in cosmetic and anti-ageing medicine. Learn more.