Looking your best is a Journey – Dr Kathy

I think I’m fairly safe in saying that most of us are concerned about our appearance and want to look our confident best. This is at every age. The difficulty is that there has been a huge growth in the beauty, health and wellness industry in the past ten years and working out what is best for you can be confusing.

Some treatments or habits are essential for looking your best and need to be practiced at all ages.  Number one is healthy diet and lifestyle, of course, but this is a topic for another day. Choosing the right skincare to use every day is equally important. Different skin types need different products and then needs change as the skin ages. Professional advice can ensure that what you are applying is actually helping.

We are fortunate to have access to an ever growing number of “in clinic” skin treatments. These treatments can reduce pigment and redness in the skin. Some treatments will tighten, improve skin texture and resurface the skin. There are also treatments that can reduce fat and contour the body.

Cosmetic injectables, such as anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers can make a real difference in how the face ages when used appropriately. This, of course, is both a skill and an art and needs to be delivered by an experienced medical professional.

It is clear that to navigate this, sometimes confusing, path toward looking your best, you need a plan as well as professional advice. The best results are achieved with consultation and planning rather than simply reacting to an impulse or desire. Looking good is a journey that, with some guidance, should last for many years to come.

Doctor Kathy Gallagher is a treating doctor at Artisan Racecourse Road. She brings more than 14 years of experience in cosmetic medicine to Artisan and is particularly skilled in anti-ageing medicine and women’s hormones. In addition to her role overseeing the medical operations of Artisan’s Racecourse Road clinic, Dr Gallagher is also actively involved in educational events, courses and conferences in the field of aesthetic medicine. Learn more about Dr Kathy.