Losing your lips? How to enhance your pout

Do you look down-mouthed, even when you’re happy? Do you notice yourself pursing your lips even when you are at ease? Or have you ever been told you look stressed, when you actually feel okay? 

Lined, down-turned or thin lips can make us look angry, sad or severe – even when we are feeling the opposite! If you’ve noticed any of the above, then it might be worthwhile considering a treatment of dermal filler injections. 

One of our most popular treatments, dermal filler injections are a great way to restore lost volume, boost hydration, rebuild collagen, strengthen skin structure, and enhance your best features.  

About dermal filler injections

Containing hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally occurring substance in our skin, dermal filler injections fill the space of volume loss. They work to improve thinning skin, folds and wrinkles. While they can be administered to most areas of the face, they are commonly used to naturally rejuvenate the lips.  

Dermal filler injections can be used to restore the volume you once had and provide your lips with a natural fullness, hydration and symmetry. It can also be injected around the lip area to smooth out lines and correct a ‘mouth frown’.  

For further enhancement, you can also incorporate anti-wrinkle injections into your treatment plan. When injected into the area above your top lip and underneath your nose, as well as to your masseter (chewing muscle), anti-wrinkle injections can help to contour your face and define your lips.     

Our highly experienced doctors and cosmetic nurses are skilled in the art of injecting dermal filler. They know how to give you a natural look that is as subtle or as dramatic as you desire. We also only use premium dermal filler to ensure the best and longest lasting results.  

Book a consultation with our masters today to learn more about our dermal filler injections can help enhance your lips and master the artistry of you