Say goodbye to leg veins

Are spider veins stopping you from wearing skirts or shorts? Appearing like blue or red spiderwebs, spider veins can occur on the legs and face and can become increasingly worse and more difficult to hide over time.

About spider veins

Spider veins can be caused by age, genetics, hormonal fluctuations, pregnancy, medical conditions that effect circulation, and occupations that involve standing for long periods of time.

Early prevention and on-going treatment are key to effectively addressing spider veins. At Artisan, our Laser Vein treatment uses the powerful Excel V™ laser to reduce the appearance of spider veins, along with other common vascular skin conditions such as rosacea and facial telangiectasia.

About Laser Vein treatments

Excel V™ is a high-powered laser that targets red, blue, purple and brown veins and skin lesions. The treatment works by collapsing red blood cells within abnormal blood vessels and pigment in dark skin spots. These damaged cells are then naturally eliminated by the body, reducing the appearance of veins and pigmentation and restoring skin to its natural tone.

It’s a simple and safe treatment with no time, and many clients describe the process as relaxing. When it comes to results, they range from immediate to gradual, depending on the treatment area and/or condition being treated and last up to three months, with on-going regular treatments recommended to maintain results.

Depending on the severity of your spider veins, you may require more than one Laser Vein treatment. During your first visit, our highly qualified team of doctors, nurses and dermal clinicians will assess your skin condition and determine the best treatment plan for you that will achieve the best results.

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