Skin Trends for 2023

This year is all about fresh, luminous, even skin because our skin is with us for life and there is nothing better than natural looking, healthy, skin.

Blemished skin can be like a dirty window so the light can’t reflect off it. Unwanted pigmentation, redness and broken capillaries alter the light reflection and can make skin look dull. At Artisan, our clinics offer a wide range of holistic skin treatments, each to suit various skin conditions and address the signs of ageing that we all experience.

Time-Saving Treatments

A top skin trend for 2023 is time-saving treatments. Our clients are seeing better results in less time by investing in treatments that incorporate advanced skin technology, such as HydraFacial, LED light therapy and skin tightening, all of which can help reduce the signs of ageing.


Demand for a newly released bio-remodeling filler is also strong. This cosmetic injectable is suitable for anyone who has skin laxity, crepey skin or fine lines/wrinkles and results in hydrated and smooth tissue and gives an overall improvement in skin quality and firmer skin.

Advanced Skin Technology

Other proactive treatments include skin tightening such as Thermage FLX or Ultraformer. Although the treatment is often over $2000, most clients only need one treatment per year to maintain their results (which are nearly immediate by the way). Broken down over twelve months, that’s $160, or roughly the cost of having a regular facial. Increasingly clients are investing in treatments like this, where their own body does the work to turn back the clock by stimulating its own collagen, elastin and stem cells. Other treatment examples include PRP for under the eyes, bio-remodeling filler, and Collagen Rebuild to replace collagen and volume loss (this is also great for crepey necks!)

This year, be empowered to look and feel your confident best.
Master the artistry of you.®