Susie O’Neill takes her fight against sun damage to the next level

Australian swimming legend Susie O’Neill shares her experience with our Laser Vein treatment: 

I’m a month into my treatment plan with Artisan Clinics to reduce my rosacea and sun damage. I’ve got two Laser Genesis treatments under my belt and so far I’m loving it! I’ve already noticed a difference in my skin and so has everyone around me, judging by the positive comments I keep getting (which I love)! It’s time to up the ante though…so Ebonee, my awesome dermal therapist at Artisan Racecourse Road, suggests I try their Laser Vein treatment.


About Laser Vein

Laser Vein is the ‘big sister’ to Laser Genesis, focused on veins and broken capillaries. Ebonee explains that the stronger wavelength laser targets specific areas and that I should be able to see results immediately (although they can take up to six weeks).

Sounds great – sign me up!

Although…does ‘stronger laser’ mean ‘more painful’ and ‘more downtime’? One of the things I love about my Laser Genesis treatments is that I can just walk out of the clinic and go about my business without worrying that my skin is looking red or weird.

Ebonee’s quick to reassure me that Laser Vein is also a gentle laser treatment. While the treatment will likely feel a bit more ‘bitey’ than the Genesis, I won’t need a numbing cream and there won’t be any downtime. If I do have any redness or flakiness after the treatment then I can just cover it up with a light mineral makeup.

Ok…now sign me up!


The treatment

Ebonee starts by cleansing and exfoliating my face (a treat in itself) so she can get a good look at where to treat. It turns out I have quite a few broken capillaries around my nose, so we get started there. She puts an ultrasound gel on the area where the laser is going to treat, which cools the skin and makes it easier for the laser to glide over the area. I then feel a brief pinprick of heat as the laser springs into action.

I wouldn’t describe it as ‘relaxing’ but I wouldn’t say it was painful. It felt like tiny little electric shocks…but I got used to them as the treatment continued. Apparently, the nose area is more uncomfortable to treat because your skin is quite thin there.

This proves to be true as Ebonee moves to my cheeks and forehead, where it’s definitely not as intense. Once again, Ebonee is great at regularly checking in on me and adjusting the intensity of the laser to make sure I’m comfortable while still getting the best result. She also distracts me from the pinprick of the laser by lightly tapping my forehead. Surprisingly it works – apparently, your brain only focuses on one sensation at a time, so by focusing on the tapping, I lose track of what the laser is doing.

When the 20 minute Laser Vein treatment is complete, my skin feels dry but there’s no tenderness. Ebonee puts me under the LED Healite to have a bit of R&R and also to prevent any bruising and inflammation that sometimes happens when the laser collapses a broken capillary. This is definitely the best part of my treatment.

It’s like lying on a beach, so I feel right at home. Once again, I take the time to have a little nap – this health and beauty thing is exhausting!


The results

Afterwards, my skin is a little pink but that disappears with a bit of mineral makeup. I’m also pleasantly surprised to notice that some of the little red veins around my nose have already disappeared. That definitely makes the little bit of discomfort well worth it!

I’m now nearing the end of my treatment plan for my sun damage and rosacea and I’m really excited by the difference I’m seeing.

Stay tuned for the full series of before and after pics when I have my final Laser Genesis treatment in a few weeks!








{Before my first Laser Genesis}            {Before my second Laser Genesis}                                {After my Laser Vein}

Susie O’Neill is a national ambassador for Artisan Aesthetic Clinics. A former competitive swimmer, Susie won eight Olympic medals for Australia during her swimming career. Today, she works in the media industry as a co-host on Nova 106.9FM’s breakfast show – Ash, Kip and Lutsy with Susie O’Neill.