The immediate fix to a sagging jawline

Artisan ambassador, Suzie Hoitink explains how you can fix a sagging jawline immediately, and with no downtime:

Most clients I consult with over a ‘certain age’ say their main concern is the ‘sagging’ they see worsening in the jawline area. Given a mirror, they tend to pull back their skin to demonstrate their point. As a woman in my mid-40s, I totally understand!

I restore definition in my clients’ jawline every day in our clinics and incredibly, the effect is immediate. I’m not just talking about women either. Men can also get a more chiselled, sharper jawline and chin in as little as an hour.

The Treatment

This specialised treatment involves skilfully using dermal filler injections in the front of and behind the jowl area. It naturally improves your skin’s elasticity, tightening the skin and defining the jaw. The effects are instant and the treatment involves very little discomfort and bruising is rare.

The Results

The straighter jawline effect lasts up to nine months, giving a more youthful, yet completely natural appearance. It’s one of my favourite treatments to perform because it gives my clients a real lift.

If you would like to find out more about whether this treatment will benefit you, contact your nearest clinic and book a consultation today. I look forward to seeing you in our clinics.

Suzie Hoitink, RN, is a treating nurse and ambassador at Artisan Aesthetic Clinics. An ACT Telstra Business Woman of the Year winner for her role in founding and building the Clear Complexions brand, which has now joined Artisan Aesthetic Clinics, Suzie is a pioneer in the skin rejuvenation industry. She is known for skilfully utilising technological innovation to help clients achieve inner confidence through beautiful healthy skin. Suzie is actively present in the clinics as she continues to mentor nurses whilst still personally treating clients. Suzie features regularly in the media and as a keynote speaker at industry conferences nationally.

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