Top 3 Dermal Filler Myths… Debunked!

Dermal filler is one of the most popular cosmetic injectable treatments on the market. With its popularity comes a lot of myths and misconceptions. To help answer your burning questions and debunk a few myths along the way, we’ve enlisted the help of our team of Artisan Experts to get the lowdown and educate you on the truth behind this highly effective treatment 


1. I will look weird, frozen and will people notice  

Dermal filler injections can look as dramatic or subtle as your desire. At Artisan Aesthetic Clinics, we believe in helping you achieve a believable, natural result. Look refreshedrejuvenated and enhance your natural beauty – not frozen or fake! Each of our highly qualified doctors and registered nurses are trained and experienced in the art of injecting high-quality product into specific areas. This ensures we achieve your desired outcome whether thats enhancing and defining your features or replacing lost volume.  


Before & after - Lip filler2. Cheaper is better  

At Artisan we believe, “you pay for the skill, not the ml”. With something as precious as your appearance and your confidence, you want to put your trust in the hands of highly skilled experts. At Artisan, we have the correct educationtraining and a quality aftercare support. We don’t cut corners in order to provide cut-price injectables; we’d rather spend extra time with you so that we get your treatment just right and you are happy with your results. We also make a point to only use dermal filler injections of the highest quality to ensure longevity and a natural look for our clients. We don’t offer cheap injections using weaker per-unit products. And we don’t use products new to the marketplace.


3. Dermal filler is permanent  

A common concern for many people is that dermal fillers are permanent and the area that is treated will stay altered indefinitely. This is not true. The majority of dermal fillers will start to wear off after about six months. Often, within one to two years, the treated area goes back to its original appearance. Results can also be reversed at any time with an injection of hyaluronidase, which dissolves the product instantly.    


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