Treating under eye circles with dermal filler

Before & after - Tear TroughsThe under eye area, which is known as the tear trough, is a delicate area that is a tell-tale sign of ageing. As we age, we lose bone and tissue structure in the face that results in our precious tissue moving south! Because of this movement, we start to see hollowing in the area and dark circles that makes us look sunken or tired.  

At Artisan, we consult with you so we can determine the best course of treatment. There are often two main treatments that can rejuvenate and restore the tear trough:  

Cheek Filler

Loss of bone and tissue structure can cause hollowing under the eyes which leads to us needing to build support back up. Injecting dermal filler into the cheeks can restore lost bone density and plump and rejuvenate your eye area to leave you looking naturally refreshed.

 Tear Trough Filler

If you’re blessed with nice high and full cheeks but suffer from dark circles under the eyes, then tear trough filler is the way to go. By subtly placing dermal filler into the tear trough area, we can restore, lift and plump. This will reverse the dark hollowing and leave you looking less tired.  

Our cosmetic injectable treatments are administered by our team of highly skilled doctors and nurses. They are masters of their craft and have years of experience in the non-invasive medical aesthetics industry. Using the latest techniques, they’ll leave you looking well rested, taken care of and happy, rather than overdone or fake.  

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