Where to find quality dermal filler in Brisbane

In Brisbane, there’s a growing demand for facial enhancements using dermal filler, from lip and cheek filler, to restoring lost volume or achieving a more hydrated complexion. When it comes to investing in a dermal filler treatment in Brisbane, it’s important to invest in a quality product and an experienced cosmetic nurse or doctor. This will ensure you achieve results you can trust. 

So how do you make sure this happens? Here’s our advice on how to ensure you receive the best product and the best possible results:  

1. Choose your clinic and clinician wisely

Choosing an experienced clinician from a reputable clinic is key to achieving a great result. At Artisan, we combine science with artistry and years of experience to help master the artistry of you, with locations in Ascot, Bulimba, Fortitude Valley, Gasworks, Kenmore and Rosalie Village. Anyone can inject a filler under the skin, but it is their knowledge and experience that gives the clinician the right ‘feel’ of precisely how much and how deep the filler needs to be deposited – which varies depending on our client 


2. Understand the different forms of filler 

While most fillers contain hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally occurring substance in our body, not all fillers are the same. Their difference comes down to their structure and application. There are three main types of dermal filler:  

  • Hydrating – draws in water to hydrate the skin and provide a lasting glow. 
  • Structural – contours facial structures like the chin and jaw for a more defined look. 
  • Volumising – fills and smooths large creases and restores or enhances volume in key areas like the cheeks and lips.  


3. Pay for the skill not the ml 

Experienced clinicians may charge slightly more for filler injections, but this is usually a reflection of their skill and experience, and it is the skill and experience that sets one result apart from another. At Artisan, we don’t cut corners in order to provide cut-price injectables or offer cheap injections using weaker per-unit products that will wear off quickly. For us, it’s all about giving you natural looking results from a skilled clinician that you can trust. 

Make sure you have an in-depth consultation with a highly-skilled clinician prior to any dermal filler treatment. They will assess your suitability for the treatment and determine the best areas to treat for you to highlight your features and leave you looking beautiful and naturally refreshed.  

Master the artistry of you by booking your next dermal filler treatment at Artisan today.