Study shows signs of ageing appear from mid-20s

Our bodies begin to show signs of ageing much earlier than previously thought, according to a recent study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Science. An international team of scientists studied a group of 954 people born in New Zealand until they were 38 years old. Using 18 biological measurements, researchers calculated the biological age […]

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What to do if you’re a guy considering anti-wrinkle injections

From ‘bro-tox’ through to fat freezing, men are seeking cosmetic treatments in record numbers to find new partners. Amongst the most popular treatments is anti-wrinkle injections.   Why men are turning to anti-wrinkle injections “Guys are using wrinkle injections to remove ‘grumpy old man’ stress lines, create a healthier appearance and even stop excessive sweating that can cause […]

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Why I chose to become the face of Artisan Aesthetic Clinics

If someone had said to me a year ago that I would become the face of a cosmetic clinic, I probably would have laughed. To put it plainly, skincare has never been something I’ve been particularly interested in. I’ve always been good at looking after my body by keeping fit and active but looking after […]

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SKIN-FIT HYDRAFACIAL MD™ | LED LIGHT THERAPY | SKIN TIGHTENING | CLEAR + BRILLIANT LASER TREATMENT | LED LIGHT THERAPY   Reduce the visible signs of ageing and the overall dulling effects the environment can have on your skin in four weeks with Skin-Fit. Our “Pilates for your face” treatment will strengthen and tone sagging skin, and is combined with moisture-infusing […]

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SKIN-VESTMENT CONSULTATION | DELUXE HYDRAFACIAL MD™ |  MEDICAL GRADE FACIALS | LASER GENESIS | LED LIGHT THERAPY | CLEAR & BRILLIANT Skin-vestment skin boot camp is a series of workouts for your skin that mirror any workout regimen for your body: warm ups, skin exercise, strength training and a cool down. Commit yourself to this strict skin routine and your […]

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SKIN-SATIONAL HYDRATING LIP FILLER | HYDRAFACIAL MD™ WITH LIP PERK |  LED LIGHT THERAPY Achieve healthy, moisturised skin that gives a glow that lasts all day with Skin-sational. You’ll end up using less makeup when your skin looks this good! ​ A three-week prescription to Infuse moisture into your skin and lips with our hydrating lip filler combined with a healing light therapy, followed up […]

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SKIN-FRESH HYDRAFACIAL MD™ | CLEAR + BRILLIANT® | LED LIGHT THERAPY Smooth foundation starts with smooth skin! Skin-fresh creates a more even skin canvas so your makeup will glide on. Our two-week Skin-Fresh prescription includes a moisture surging HydraFacial, a revolutionary  Clear+Brilliant treatment to improve texture, tone and pore size, and a healing light therapy to plump skin for a […]

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ART OF YOU™ PACKAGE 3ML DERMAL FILLER +  UP TO 4 AREAS ANTI-WRINKLE TREATMENT Look and feel good for your age with our Art of You™ package tailored to your goals. Appear less tired while softening fine lines and wrinkles to achieve a more confident you with our premium anti-wrinkle injections. Reverse the signs of […]

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REFINE & DEFINE 2ML DERMAL FILLER + UP TO 2 AREAS ANTI-WRINKLE TREATMENT Reveal the best version of you and celebrate your beauty. Completely contour your facial structure and define your best features with our premium dermal filler. While adding volume to your cheeks or lips this package will also prevent the signs of ageing […]

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