How to boost skin hydration

Hydration is essential to keeping our skin glowing, plump and looking refreshed, something that can become a challenge as we get older, with no amount of water or sun protection working to retain skin moisture levels.  

That’s because, as we age, our skin loses collagen, leaving it sagging, thin and rough in texture. Unfortunately, when our skin gets to this stage, there is only so much that skin care products can do to hydrate the skin on a surface level, or that drinking water can do to nourish skin from the inside out. 

That’s where it might be time to consider a treatment of beauty boosters.  

Beauty boosters significantly boost hydration, improving skin quality and correcting the early signs of ageing to help you achieve a glowing and naturally radiant complexion for the long-term. They are often referred to as the lunchtime hydration treatment due to their efficient ability to inject hydration back into your skin quickly and with little to no downtime.  

So, what are they?  

Beauty boosters are a type of dermal filler without the molecules that lift, enhance and restore volume to your skin. Rather, they are a way of naturally restoring quality from within.   

Made up of a slow releasing hyaluronic acid (an essential ingredient for a healthier and more vibrant complexion) the product is presented in a liquid gel form that binds and holds the water together, thereby hydrating the skin, and resulting in a fresher, firmer and healthier appearance.  

Benefits of beauty boosters include: 

  • Improving skin elasticity  
  • Decreasing skin surface roughness 
  • Improving firmness and smoothness 
  • Improving overall hydration 
  • Reducing trans-epidermal water loss  

The treatment is perfect for the face, neck, décolletage and hands. Any areas effected by acne scarring can also be dramatically improved with a course of treatments.  

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