What to do if you’re a guy considering anti-wrinkle injections

From ‘bro-tox’ through to fat freezing, men are seeking cosmetic treatments in record numbers to find new partners, improve their job prospects or keep up with youthful wives. Amongst the most popular treatments is anti-wrinkle injections.

“Guys are using wrinkle injections to remove ‘grumpy old man’ stress lines, create a healthier appearance and even stop excessive sweating that can cause embarrassment at work,” said Artisan Medical Director, Dr Linda Williams.

It’s a tricky territory for the uninformed though with Dr Linda saying many men are at risk of losing the ‘male aesthetic’ through incorrectly applied – or overused treatments.

“Up until recently, 95% of people being injected have been females,” she said. “Clinicians have been familiar with techniques that treat the muscles to create feminine characteristics, raising the eyebrow arch, enhancing the cheekbones, creating a slender, refined jawline – but that’s the total opposite of the ideal male aesthetic.”

“Now we’re experiencing a boom in men seeking treatments, we need to ensure that they don’t walk away with an immobile appearances and feminine characteristics – like some male celebrities who have ‘raised eyebrows’ over their wrinkle injection use in recent years.”

Speaking at a recent conference for medical professionals, Dr Linda outlined her approach to retaining masculinity while reducing signs of environmental damage, stress and ageing.

“A good injecting technique retains or enhances male characteristics; think George Clooney’s strong square jawline and Brad Pitt’s low eyebrows.”

The best way to ensure you achieve the best, most natural looking results with anti-wrinkle injections, regardless of if you’re male or female, is to book an in-depth consultation with a qualified cosmetic doctor or nurse.

Our cosmetic injectable treatments are administered by our team of highly skilled doctors and nurses, each of whom are masters of their craft with years of experience in the non-invasive medical aesthetics industry. We specialise in techniques that will make your family and friends think you look well rested, taken care of and happy, rather than overdone or fake.

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