6 signs you need a facial

Let’s be honest, there’s nothing better than a nice relaxing facial. It’s beneficial not just for your emotional wellbeing, but for your overall skin health.

Best undertaken monthly, facials can help you to achieve a healthy complexion for the long-term. Here are six signs you’re in need for a little facial TLC:

  1. Patchy makeup

Are you noticing patches of foundation that just aren’t blending into your skin no matter how hard you try? While the type of foundation you’re using could be the reason, it’s more likely that your skin is dehydrated and/or suffering from dead skin cell build up, which is preventing your foundation from blending and making you look cakey rather than seamless.

  1. Breakouts

Pimples and blackheads are primarily caused when oil and dead skin build-up, blocking your pores. So, if you’re breaking out all the time, it’s time to treat yourself to a facial to get rid of all that congestion and create a more even canvass.   

  1. Enlarged pores

While our pores naturally expand as we age, we can enlarge our pores before their time through not properly taking care of our skin. Like with breakouts, a build-up of dead skin cells and oil can expand our pores, so look for a good facial to clean, extract and exfoliate.

  1. Skincare not working

If you’re applying your moisturiser and your skin still feels tight afterwards then, chances are, it’s not absorbing properly. Once again, this could come down to the quality of the moisturiser you’re using, but it also could be because your skin’s in need of a good exfoliation to remove dead skin cell build up.

  1. Skin tone is dull and lifeless

Dull and lifeless skin is a sign of dehydration. First of all, make sure you’re drinking plenty of water. Secondly, look for a revitalising facial that reintroduces hyaluronic acid back into your skin. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in our bodies that attracts and binds water, resulting in deep hydration.

  1. Fine lines are more prominent

Finally, if you’re noticing fine lines more then, like with the above, your skin is likely lacking hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid plumps and hydrates the skin, smoothing your skin and reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

At Artisan, we offer a range of facials to suit every skin type. Our RATIONALE series of facials can help you to remove dead skin build-up, clear congestion and add some much-needed moisture back into your skin. Our Ultraceuticals peels are also fantastic for resurfacing and rejuvenating your skin, giving you a healthier complexion. While our DMK facial treatments are ideal for stimulating collagen, eliminating fine lines and wrinkles and reducing pigmentation.

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