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Back to the future – How to reverse sun damage

Sun damage is the number one contributing factor to our skin ageing before its time. In fact, studies show that UV exposure seems to be responsible for 80% of visible signs of ageing. While we’re all familiar with the immediate signs of sun damage – redness and sun burn, it’s the prolonged damage that we […]

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Hydrafacial skincare model

Treatments To Unwrap

Top Facials Our skin experts have handpicked these glow-inducing facials as top gifts to give this Christmas — crafted for a gratifying glow, suitable for nearly all skin types, and pocket-friendly for the perfect gift. BOOK NOW For skin like JLO HydraFacial™ A powerhouse skin treatment that goes beyond your standard facial to resurface your […]

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Updated: Facials to try in 2024

Game-changing facials to improve your skin health Looking good is important to Australian women, with the average Australian spending $5,172 on beauty each year, even with rises in the cost of living. Many women spend countless hours researching skincare regimes and part with their hard-earned dollars on skin creams, serums and facial treatments. It’s a […]

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Loryn Artisan model

Ready for race day? Top treatments for glowing skin

Whether you’re donning your finest attire to attend the races, competing for best-dressed in your office or going out to watch the Melbourne Cup, race day is one of those days where everyone wants to look their best. Often overlooked, skin care plays a crucial role in clearing the canvas of your race day look, […]

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Spring clean your skincare routine

Spring is here, which means it’s time to revitalise your skincare routine! Spring gives our skin a much-needed break from winter’s harsh winds and colder, dryer temperatures. That means it’s time to dust off the cobwebs (or dead skin cells in this case) and focus on revitalising our complexions with essential nutrients and antioxidants to […]

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Artisan model for skin treatments while breastfeeding

Breastfeeding-Safe Skin Treatments

Embrace the nurturing phase of breastfeeding with our specialised treatments tailored to the demands of your skin during this significant life transition. Breastfeeding brings forth heightened skin sensitivity and visible shifts in skin characteristics. These newfound changes, previously unseen, may lead to alterations in skin type, such as heightened dryness or increased oiliness. These transformations […]

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