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Artisan Aesthetic Clinics opens its 15th Artisan branded clinic, and the first clinic of 2022, along the bustling Robina Town Centre Drive on Queensland’s Gold Coast. The clinic is Artisan’s largest design to date, offering nine spacious treating rooms, a private client lounge and dedicated car parking. The bespoke design draws on luxury coastal architecture, […]

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Best Cosmetic Nurse Injector award to Jacinta King, Artisan Aesthetic Clinics

Congratulations to Jacinta King, from Artisan Aesthetic Clinics in Maroochydore who was crowned best cosmetic injector on the Sunshine Coast. She told Sunshine Coast Daily she was “very grateful and humbled” to have been selected by the people of the Sunshine Coast as their favourite cosmetic injector.    “I would like to say a huge thank […]

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Face Today Mediclinic rebrands to Artisan Aesthetic Clinic Cairns

Cairns cosmetic clinic, Face Today Mediclinic has rebranded to Artisan Aesthetic Clinic Cairns as it continues its mission to help residents look and feel their confident best through state-of-the-art treatments administered by industry leading clinicians.   The rebrand comes two years after founder of Face Today and experienced registered nurse, Nicki Belle sold the clinic to premium medical […]

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Are all dermal fillers the same? 

One of the original non-invasive cosmetic treatments, dermal fillers have come a long way over the past decade. Once used to simply enhance the lips or cheeks, today, dermal filler is also used to define and contour your face. It’s also used to boost hydration and to improve skin texture and tone.  This is because […]

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What is a slow face lift? 

Our slow face lift treatment is proving popular amongst our clients for its ability to deliver a more youthful complexion without looking fake or as though you’ve had work done.    A unique combination of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Collagen Boost PDO threads, a slow face lift is a form of combination therapy that works to gradually […]

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Difference between contouring and tightening

What’s the difference between contouring and tightening your skin? Body contouring and skin tightening are often confused to be the same thing but they actually work to achieve two different results.   The key difference is that skin tightening works to lift and tighten your skin by stimulating collagen and elastin. Body contouring meanwhile, works […]

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Top 4 areas for dermal filler injections

Dermal filler injections are one of our favourite treatments at Artisan. When administered by an experienced clinician who is skilled in the art of injecting, they can instantly rejuvenate your skin for a naturally more youthful complexion.   When it comes to the best areas to treat with dermal filler, we’ve seen a rise in the […]

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How to treat acne scarring 

Acne scarring can be just as debilitating as acne itself. You’ve gotten on top of your acne and yet you’re still dealing with the ramifications. The marks not only impact how radiant and healthy our skin looks but our confidence as well.   Thankfully, just like with acne, we offer many treatments to reduce acne scarring and […]

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The best treatments to treat melasma

Melasma is a common skin concern that affects many women. Commonly occurring during pregnancy, it appears as dark brown patches on the forehead, nose and cheeks.   While melasma does fade over time there are a number of treatments to help speed the process along and restore skin to a more even tone. Here are some of our favourites:  Laser Vein  Laser Vein uses the powerful, non-invasive Excel […]

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