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Top 3 Dermal Filler Myths… Debunked!

Dermal filler is one of the most popular cosmetic injectable treatment on the market but with its popularity comes a lot of myths and misconceptions. To help answer your burning questions and debunk a few myths along the way, we’ve enlisted the help of our team of Artisan Experts to get the lowdown and educate you on the truth behind this highly […]

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Artisan’s Cleansing Guide

Cleansing is one of the most important steps in your skincare routine. It goes without saying that cleansing is the first step to clearer and more refreshed skin. It removes the buildup of dirt, impurities and excess oil and allows your skincare products to be absorbed more effectively into your pores for a hydrated complexion. […]

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Kristen Davidson’s Event-Ready Skin

With 4am wake ups, night-time TV commitments and hours of wearing industrial-strength makeup, you can imagine the stress that my skin experiences. And with cameras at every event I attend, I need to look my best. Recently I had my yearly radio show photoshoot. These photos are used on all of our promotional material for […]

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Everyone wants clear and glowing skin all year round, but for the spring races and (dare we say it) the Christmas season, we all want to turn up the glow-factor.  Here are our top three treatments that will impart you with luminosity worthy of the season’s festivities!   RATIONALE PhotoGenic Facial | $210 Looking for […]

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Less is More – The Art Of Facial Enhancement

In life, you generally like to see an obvious return on investment. But that’s not always the case when the investment is in your appearance. Dr Andreas Fox, who boasts an Oxford education, a background in plastic and aesthetic surgery and more than 20 years’ experience consulting among London’s best hospitals, believes the best results […]

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