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The immediate fix to a sagging jawline

Artisan ambassador, Suzie Hoitink explains how you can fix a sagging jawline immediately, and with no downtime: Most clients I consult with over a ‘certain age’ say their main concern is the ‘sagging’ they see worsening in the jawline area. Given a mirror, they tend to pull back their skin to demonstrate their point. As […]

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How Susie O’Neill is beating sun damage

Australian swimming legend Susie O’Neill shares her first experience with laser skin treatments:  I’ve struggled with sun damage, pigmentation and rosacea for the last ten years. The cause of my pigmentation is clear. Years spent training outdoors and repeated sun exposure have resulted in more freckles and sun spots than I’d like across my nose […]

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4 steps for healthy skin

Achieving healthy skin all year round is the number one goal for many of us. Unfortunately, this isn’t always easy. Cold winter winds leave our skin dry and flaky by the time spring rolls around. Not to mention the harsh Australian sun can cause damage and premature ageing in the warmer months. Get vibrant, glowing skin […]

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What skincare products should I be using?

Masks, moisturisers, serums, cleansers – there are so many skincare products available. But, do we need them all? What products are essential to maintaining fresh, glowing and hydrated skin? We explain it all. Cleansers Cleansers form the first step in your skincare regime. They wash away the impurities left on the skin after a day […]

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Anti-ageing advice for every age

Ageing affects each of us differently. As we grow older our bodies go through many different phases depending on our hormones and how much we indulge in life’s excesses. To help you understand these changes better, we look at what happens during our thirties, forties, fifties and beyond. Plus, we give you tips for an […]

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Lifestyle choices that are doing your skin harm

People born at the same time can age at different rates according to a recent study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The researchers collected data on the subjects’ kidney, liver and lung function, dental health, the blood vessels in the eyes, metabolism and immune system function at the ages of 26, […]

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