The Male Aesthetic Renaissance

Shattering Stereotypes: The Male Aesthetic Renaissance

The realm of medical aesthetics has long been cloaked in misconceptions, particularly when it comes to gender. The common belief that skin and injectable treatments are predominantly embraced by women fuels these myths. However, the data paints a different picture—a picture of a male aesthetic renaissance that is gradually but unmistakably taking shape.


Myth #1: Aesthetic Treatments are for Women

Aesthetic treatments are effective for both men and women, with, a rise in the number of men seeking aesthetic enhancements to put their best face forward. This increase is not solely due to women sharing their aesthetic experiences; numerous male celebrities have openly discussed the treatments they undergo to enhance their appearance.

This candidness from public figures has influenced younger generations of men to prioritise their aesthetics and explore treatments that help them look and feel their best.


Myth #2: Anti-Wrinkle Injections are only for Women

Anti-wrinkle injections, often associated with women, have become an increasingly popular choice among men. Over 40% of aesthetic treatments at Artisan for men are anti-wrinkle injections, making it the most sought-after treatment among the male demographic.

These injections provide a powerful tool for men to combat the signs of ageing and maintain a youthful appearance.


Myth #3: Only Young Men Seek Aesthetic Treatments

Men seeking aesthetic treatments span across age groups, similar to women. Our treatments help with a variety of skin conditions appearing at any age, from helping with acne scarring and shrinking the appearance of pores to reducing pigmentation and clearing the veins around the nose and face. At Artisan, we see men of all ages, with one in four male clients in their 30s and one in five in their 40s.

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What treatments are men having?

Different treatments resonate with different people. We all have different skin concerns and can benefit from a tailored treatment plan to optimise our skin’s health, integrity and appearance. This is no different for the male demographic, however there are rising trends which differentiate the most popular treatments for men from those for women.

Men are likely to seek treatments for wrinkles, pigmentation and skin rejuvenation, and the most common treatments are anti-wrinkle injections, HydraFacial, LED light therapy, dermal filler and intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy. At Artisan, we also see a rising trend in male clients for laser vein or vascular treatments, including those spidery veins common on noses. If you’re not sure what’s right for you, book a consultation with our experienced clinicians who can analyse your skin, understand your goals and recommend a treatment plan.

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Shattering Stereotypes

As the stereotypes surrounding male aesthetics continue to shatter, it’s an opportune time to encourage the men in our lives to explore the world of skin and cosmetic injectables treatments. The era of dismissing aesthetic treatments as exclusive to women has passed, replaced by an inclusive movement where men can confidently invest in their appearance. Whether it’s addressing wrinkles, revitalising the skin or targeting specific concerns, the options are abundant and at Artisan, they are always tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients.

The male aesthetic renaissance is well underway. The data is clear, the myths are crumbling, and men are stepping into the world of skin and injectables treatments with enthusiasm and determination to look and feel his best. So, give the man in your life a nudge—empower him to explore the possibilities and embark on his own skin journey.