Ready for race day? Top treatments for glowing skin

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Whether you’re donning your finest attire to attend the races, competing for best-dressed in your office or going out to watch the Melbourne Cup, race day is one of those days where everyone wants to look their best. Often overlooked, skin care plays a crucial role in clearing the canvas of your race day look, enabling your makeup to sit exactly the way you want it.

Don’t leave it to the morning of to wish for smoother skin – book in for your skin treatment now to look and feel confident this racing season.



HydraFacial offers an instantly gratifying glow.

Using deep-cleansing technology, HydraFacial is perfect for giving your skin a good clean out ahead of Melbourne Cup. This treatment works to painlessly clear pores, remove dead skin cells, stimulate blood flow and encourage collagen generation to firm and tone the skin. HydraFacial also allows for increased absorption of skincare products to ensure your skin is glowing for days to come. Hello vibrant skin!



With no downtime after your treatment, Laser Genesis can help reveal radiant skin this racing carnival. This treatment offers a wealth of benefits for sensitive and ageing skin, from reducing redness and rosacea to shrinking pores and smoothing wrinkles. Laser Genesis works by gently heating the upper layer of the skin and distributing laser energy over thousands of micro pulses. This stimulates collagen and elastin regrowth to soften the appearance of wrinkles and scarring and redness caused by dilated capillaries.



LED light therapy promotes skin rejuvenation and is suitable for almost all skin types. This treatment is a staple for improving skin health, relieving pain and subsiding active acne. It delivers light emitting diodes in precise wavelengths over the skin to stimulate natural regeneration and repair processes. It is a relaxing 17-minute treatment by itself, or can be combined with treatments such as Laser Genesis or HydraFacial to enhance the effects of these treatments.



Our medical-grade facials provide luminous results, making them the perfect preparation for trackside radiance. At Artisan, we offer our curated range of Rationale and Ultraceuticals Facials to target your skin concern.

  • A-Zyme Peel (Ultraceuticals): the powerhouse of all anti-ageing treatments, this fast-acting treatment combines retinol and bromelain to dramatically diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Brightening Accelerator Mask (Ultraceuticals): AHAs, salicylic acids, niacinamides and a powerful blend of brightening agents working in synergy to soften surface discolouration, even out your skin tone and brighten the skin
  • Mandelic Acid Peel (Ultraceuticals): gently eliminate bacteria and reduce inflammation to combat congestion, acne, hyperpigmentation and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
  • EpiNova Brilliance (Rationale): an immersive, bespoke experience combining a tailored enzyme treatments with a vitamin mask and infusion, microcirculatory massage, LED light therapy and ultrasonic technology to optimise skin integrity and address your individual skin goals in luxury
  • PhotoGenic Resilience (Rationale): this deluxe facial restores the skin’s structural integrity and offers a boost in luminosity through a unique combination of antioxidants, micro-circulatory massage and LED therapy.
  • Crystal Clarity (Rationale): this facial + LED combination treatment activates vital youth enzymes to gently resurface the skin’s texture, promote hydration, even out skin tone and prepare the skin for optimal rejuvenation

These results driven facials will help create a smooth base so your makeup will glide on and last all day!

HydraFacial treatment at Artisan


Laser Genesis treatment at Artisan

Laser Genesis

Premium Facials at Artisan

Results-Driven Facials



To maintain your post-treatment glow, we recommend investing in high-quality, medical grade skincare after consulting with one of our dermal therapists to ensure your skincare is tailored to your skin.

Dehydration and depletion of the epidermal lipid barrier contribute to dry, red and irritated skin. To maintain function of this lipid barrier and prevent moisture loss, look for products containing vitamin B3 for stimulating immune function, vitamin C for strengthening elastin and protecting against destructive free radicals, and vitamin A for collagen synthesis and repair.

Book a consultation with our experienced dermal therapists today to learn more about our range of effective treatments for achieving race-ready radiance.