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Not frozen or fake – our 5 tips to achieving natural refreshed results

Looking frozen, fake or weird are some of the biggest fears clients have when considering cosmetic injectables. While totally understandable (no one wants to have a trout pout or be unable to form an expression), very rarely does this happen. In fact, in the right hands, cosmetic injectables can help you look naturally refreshed and radiant without your loved ones even knowing you’ve had […]

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Four common areas for anti-wrinkle treatment

Despite their name, anti-wrinkle injections have a multitude of uses outside of wrinkle reduction. From contouring your face, to lifting and accentuating your best features, here are our top four ways we can use anti-wrinkle injections to transform your face:  1.LIFT YOUR BROWS  Anti-wrinkle injections can have a ‘lifting’ effect on the eyebrows when injected into particular […]

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How many mls of dermal filler will I need?

‘How many mls of dermal filler do I need? This is a common question from our clients seeking dermal filler injections, and it’s often related to cost.   Pay for the skill, not the ml  At Artisan, we don’t believe price should be the only or deciding factor when booking your treatment. Treatments such as dermal fillers are medical […]

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Crooked smile? How to correct lip asymmetry

Not happy with your smile when you look back at photos or catch your reflection in the mirror?  Lip asymmetry or a crooked smile is a common concern we see amongst our clients.   Why is my smile crooked?  No one’s lips, or face shape for that matter, are perfectly symmetrical – it’s part of what makes us uniquely beautiful! With that said, sometimes lip […]

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