Winter Skin Care: Looking After Your Skin In Winter


As we head into July, sweeping cold fronts travel across inland Australia to the coasts causing humidity levels and temperatures to plummet and although we continue to be battered by rain storms, the cold mornings and mild days keep the moisture on the ground, rather than in the air.

The weather change sets off a chain reaction in our daily routines as we reach for our winter clothes in the wardrobe, fire up the indoor heating, switch up the menu and turn up the hot water in the shower.

Artisan’s Medical Director Dr. Fox explains “it’s important to expect and react to environmental changes with seasonality, and to adjust any skin care regime accordingly to ensure optimal skin care. Various treatment modalities may be best at different times of year such as Fraxel in the winter for example. Our dermal therapists are best placed to advise our clients according to their skin type and any issues they may have. As ever its a bespoke approach, and expert advice is essential”.


Water is an essential component of healthy skin and plays an important role in maintaining the skin’s structures and texture. When the skin becomes dehydrated, the skin’s barrier function and defenses become weaker and leave our skin susceptible to damage and unwanted skin conditions.

On average, we lose around 300ml to 400ml of water a day via evaporation through the skin, a process known as Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL). Throughout the cooler months, this process exacerbates as dry winds strip the air of moisture that the skin relies on, increasing the evaporation of water through the skin.

Before you start the day with warm and hearty drinks, opt for a glass of water and continue your intake throughout the day to stay hydrated.

Making adjustments to your skincare routine will help you strengthen the skin barrier and rehydrate your skin. Speak to one of Artisan’s skin experts about the RATIONALE Resilience Collection (#1 The Serum, #1 The Crème, #1 The Mask) full of rich B-Group vitamins to help fortify your skin and prevent water loss.

Rationale #1 The Creme skin care


As we age, our skin’s sebaceous activity (sebum oil production) decreases which leads to increased dryness. To make things worse, turning the heat up in the shower and using harsh products such as foaming cleansers and physical exfoliants can remove natural oils and send the skin into overdrive causing skin irritation, breakouts and congestion.

Try keeping the temperature in the shower at lukewarm and resist the urge to crank up the heat. Pat your skin dry and apply a scent free moisturiser post shower to help promote hydration.

With ceramides and vital lipids, the RATIONALE Integrity Collection (#4) can be used to encourage night time repair and help you overcome dry and irritated skin.

Rationale #3 - The Creme skin care