Take advantage of ‘downtime’ treatments to achieve glowing skin this Easter

Artisan ambassador and registered nurse, Suzie Hoitink explains why you should have a Fraxel® this Easter:

I don’t think we have a single client at Artisan who isn’t busy, borderline frantic at times! Having the luxury of taking a few days out to have a treatment is rare. That’s why April has always been such a busy time of year for us. With school holidays, the Easter break and ANZAC day, April is a great opportunity to finally experience our more powerful treatments that come with a little ‘downtime’.

Experience the long-lasting benefits of Fraxel®

Fraxel® is the number one treatment to experience if you have a few days off this Easter. This powerhouse laser is the treatment every client knows they should have. The results are big and long-lasting. There simply isn’t a better way to resurface and rejuvenate aged, wrinkled or sun damaged skin.

We have treated thousands of clients with Fraxel® so many of you are familiar with the results already. For those who aren’t, Fraxel® works on your skin in three ways:

  1. It resurfaces your skin leaving fresher, softer skin in its place.
  2. It lightens the pigmentation on your face, neck, décolletage and even hands.
  3. It’s a huge stimulus for collagen and elastin production, which help to smooth, plump and tighten and are important for the ongoing strength and health of your skin.

Fraxel® is a fractionated laser that works by putting pinpricks of heat into the skin. This creates an injury below the surface that stimulates a repair and renewal process. The damaged cells are then bought to the surface and shed, and new collagen and hyaluronic acid are generated.

You will have a healing phase of seven days, of which the first three to four are the most obvious (this is where you want a few days of social downtime up your sleeve).

You are extremely red post treatment, with a sunburnt feeling. Mild swelling starts post treatment and is at its peak the morning after, lasting a day or so. The skin will feel rough for up to a week, but this is actually a really positive thing as it is all the dead and damaged cells shedding off, leaving fresh, vibrant, healthy skin.

Most clients generally only need one Fraxel® per year to experience results, which include dramatically reduced pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles and scarring.

So, take advantage of the time off this April to invest in your skin. As always, if there is any way I or the Artisan team can help you, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.


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Suzie Hoitink, RN, is a treating nurse and ambassador at Artisan Aesthetic Clinics. An ACT Telstra Business Woman of the Year winner for her role in founding and building the Clear Complexions brand, which has now joined Artisan Aesthetic Clinics, Suzie is a pioneer in the skin rejuvenation industry. She is known for skilfully utilising technological innovation to help clients achieve inner confidence through beautiful healthy skin. Suzie is actively present in the clinics as she continues to mentor nurses whilst still personally treating clients. Suzie features regularly in the media and as a keynote speaker at industry conferences nationally.