From wanting to enhance thin lips, to reversing sunken cheeks and eyes caused by ageing, to simply wanting plumper, more revitalised looking complexion, lack of facial volume is a common skin concern that affects people at all stages in life 


  • Sagging skin 
  • Thin lips 
  • Sunken cheeks and eyes 
  • Eye bags 
  • Premature ageing
  • Thin skin 
  • Jowls 


While genetics plays a role, age is the biggest cause of volume loss. From our mid-twenties, our bodies move from the ‘growing’ phase into the ‘ageing’ phase and we start to lose collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, the three key components to plump, smooth, youthful looking skin. As a result, we start to lose facial volume which causes our face structure to start a downward and inward decent. Fat pads will drop, and our appearance can often become sunken due to the lack of collagen production. Often the first signs can be seen in four distinct areas: our cheeks, our eyes or tear troughs, around our nose and mouth or our nasolabial folds, our jawline and pre-jowl area. 

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At Artisan, our skilled clinicians know how to achieve natural-looking results with range of treatments to restore lost volume and stimulate new collagen production to help plump your skin and smooth fine lines and wrinkles, leaving you with a more youthful complexion. We also have a range of skincare products to enhance your in-clinic treatment. 

 Our clinics offer a range of options to make your treatment as comfortable as possible. From numbing cream through to laughing gas, or just a friendly hand to hold, we’ve got you covered. 

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