Vita Group and Artisan Aesthetics Group are committed to protecting the privacy of your personal information in accordance with requirements of the Australian Privacy Principles (APP) contained within the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (Act).

This collection and consent notice outlines how Vita Group Limited (including its related and associated entities) (Vita Group) collects and handles your personal information when you apply for a job with Vita Group.

1. What type of information does Vita Group collect and why?

When you apply for a job with Vita Group, Vita Group will collect a range of personal information relating to you including for example:

  1. your name, date of birth, address, email address, phone number;
  2. information contained in a resume, CV, job application and /or cover letter provided by you;
  3. your employment history;
  4. details of any professional memberships or academic qualifications;
  5. copies of your identity documents;
  6. information provided by nominated referees and other persons;
  7. information contained in a personality or ability test;
  8. information contained in a criminal record check;
  9. medical information; and
  10. any other information reasonably relevant to the assessment of your suitability for employment within Vita Group.

Vita Group collects this information for the primary purpose of assessing your suitability for employment with Vita Group (which includes, for example, verifying your identity, qualifications and work history and conducting a criminal background check).

Your personal information is typically collected directly from you but may also be collected from third parties such as recruitment agencies, former employers, referees, educational facilities, medical practitioners, government agencies etc.

Retention of information

If you are ultimately employed by Vita Group, the personal information collected during the recruitment process will be kept on your employee file.

If you are not successful in gaining employment with Vita Group, your personal information will be stored in Vita Groups applicant tracking system.

What happens if you do not provide the information requested?

If you choose not to provide the personal information that Vita Group requests, we may not be able to properly assess your suitability for employment. This could result in you missing out on an employment opportunity with us.

Who does Vita Group disclose your personal information to and why?

Your personal information will primarily be disclosed to employees of Vita Group in order to assess your suitability for employment.

In addition, as part of the process in assessing your suitability for employment, some of your personal information (including the fact that you have applied for employment with Vita Group) may be disclosed to third parties for the purpose of:

  1. verifying your identity, work rights, academic qualifications, professional memberships and work history;
  2. conducting a criminal record or reference check;
  3. meeting disclosure obligations to Vita Group’s strategic partners (eg Telstra) and managing the business relationship with those entities;
  4. liaising with medical practitioners regarding any potential fitness for duty concerns;
  5. seeking professional advice; or
  6. undertaking any other activity reasonably necessary to assess your suitability for employment.

Such third parties may include Vita Group’s related and associated entities, Vita Group’s strategic business partners (eg Telstra), government agencies, educational facilities, recruitment agencies, professional bodies, professional advisers, medical practitioners and your former employers. Some of these third parties may be located overseas including the United States of America, Singapore and Japan.

Contact us

If you have any questions about the personal information that is being collected or you have any complaints about Vita Group’s handling of your personal information please contact our Privacy Team:


Address: Vita Group, 77 Hudson Road, Albion, QLD, 4010

Related Documents

Please refer to our Privacy Policy or here for an outline of how we handle and process your personal information from you as a customer.

Should you be successfully offered a role at Vita Group, the personal information we collect from you as a candidate during the recruitment process will be used to manage our employment relationship with you as a team member. The Team Members Privacy Policy will be made available to you upon commencement of your employment with Vita Group.


In applying for employment with Vita Group you:

  1. acknowledge that, when disclosing personal information to an overseas recipient, Vita Group is under no obligation to ensure that such recipient deals with that information in a manner consistent with the Act (and that the requirement under subclause 8.1 of the AAP does not apply to such disclosure); and
  2. consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information

Last Updated 19/11/2020