Sublative™ Rejuvenation

Sublative™ is a non-invasive treatment that uses radio frequency and heat energy technology to encourage significant increases of collagen and elastin. Sublative™ is used to treat mild to moderate wrinkles, red and brown spots and textural irregularities such as acne scare and stretch marks. 


downtime NO
Pain ○○○○○
Treatment Time 30 Minutes
Price From $400
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Sublative™ uses RF energy that is precisely directed to the skin in the form of a matrix. Healthy skin around the dots accelerates the healing process of the skin. Post treatment, new collagen and health skin cells are produced.


Sublative™ results are visible with several treatments recommended initially for optimum results. Typically 3 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart will achieve visibly noticeable results. 


The total number of Sublative™ treatments will vary depending on skin type and condition. 

  • Avoid blood-thinning and anti-inflammatory medication and supplements (e.g. aspirin, ibuprofen, and fish oil) to minimise bruising

Advise your clinician if you: 

  • Have had anti-wrinkle injections in the past five days 
  • Have had dermal filler injections in the past two weeks 
  • Have had a facial peel or exfoliation in the past seven days 
  • Have had facial waxing in the past two to four days 
  • Are currently taking or have taken isotretinoin or Roaccutane in the past six months 
  • Have had eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis in the past seven to 14 days  

Prior to your first Sublative™ treatment, our clinician will consult with you to assess your suitability for Sublative and discuss any concerns or questions you may.  

The treatment involves our clinician using the patented device over the treatment area. During the treatment you may feel a warm prickly sensation as the energy reaches the skin. After, a pink or red light “sunburn” appearance can be common. There is no downtime and you can resume your daily activities immediately post treatment. 

Artisan have topical numbing cream available to cater for your individual pain management needs.




Anyone who: 

  • Has uncontrolled type 1 diabetes 
  • Has herpes lesions in the treatment area 
  • Is pregnant or breastfeeding 
  • Has an active flare up of an autoimmune disease (e.g. Lupus, Scleroderma)  
  • Has active sunburn in the treatment area 
  • Has severe acne (cystic, inflamed, pustular)

If you are unsure, contact your clinic. 



  • Warm prickling sensation 
  • Temporary skin redness/pinkness 
  • Avoid strong corrective serums and scrubs until all signs of redness and irritation are gone 
  • Wear SPF 50+ daily 

To achieve the best results, an initial course of three Sublative™ treatments over the space of 4-6 weeks are recommended.  

After your initial course of treatments, monthly treatments are recommended to maintain the best results.  

Your health and well-being is our priority. If you are concerned about any aspect of your treatment, or if you become unwell – contact your clinic immediately.

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