5 signs of skin inflammation

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How can I reduce skin inflammation?

Skin inflammation is caused by lifestyle, genetics, UV exposure and exposure to environmental elements as well as the immune system mistakenly attacking healthy tissue.

The condition takes its toll on the skin in a variety of ways:


The 5 signs of skin inflammation

1. Redness

Redness is the result of increased blood flow because of overheating, exercise, diet and allergies.

2. Swelling

Swelling is the result of the increased movement of fluid and white blood cells into the area of inflammation.

3. Blisters and bumps

Acne, blisters and bumps is the result of blocked hair follicles.

4. Tenderness

Tenderness is the result of swelling pushing against the sensitive nerve endings, which causes tenderness and slight pain.

5. Itchiness

Itching and burning is the result of irritation of the affected area because of increased sensitivity.


Treating inflammation

We treat inflammation with range of laser and light therapy treatments which all work to correct uneven skin tone such as redness and bumps with no downtime and long-lasting results.


Intense Pulse Light (IPL) is safe and effective non-invasive light therapy for treating skin redness, rosacea and pigmentation. It works by emitting light into the skin to heat superficial blood vessels, which causes them to collapse, effectively diffusing redness and discolouration.   

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Laser Vein

Our laser vein treatment uses the powerful, non-invasive Excel V laser to treat vascular skin conditions, including spider and leg veins, and rosacea. The treatment collapses red blood cells within abnormal blood vessels which are then naturally eliminated by the body. This reduces the appearance of veins that restores skin to its natural tone.  

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Laser Genesis

Laser Genesis is a non-invasive laser treatment that is popular for treating inflammation and restoring skin to peak condition with no pain or downtime. It specifically targets the broken capillaries that cause redness by gently heating the upper layer of the skin. This effectively seals off the vessels and corrects redness.

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LED Light Therapy

LED light therapy corrects inflammation because it works with your body to counteract its effects using various light waves. It effectively treats acne using blue light, resolves redness using infrared light and rejuvenates your skin using red light.

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