5 signs of skin inflammation


Does your skin tend to get inflamed easily? How do you know you have skin inflammation and what can you do to treat it?

Skin inflammation is common for several reasons and it comes in many forms, often depending on the individual circumstance.

Acute inflammation can be a result of UV exposure, allergies, chemicals, as well as environmental elements. Other forms of inflammation are caused by the immune system mistakenly attacking healthy tissue.

Inflammation can take a toll on the skin in a variety of ways:

5 signs of skin inflammation:

  1. Redness

Redness typically shows up on your forehead, nose, cheeks and chin, and is triggered by increased blood flow. This can be the result of overheating, exercise or even diet and allergies.

  1. Swelling

Swelling is the result of the increased movement of fluid and white blood cells into the area of inflammation.

  1. Blisters and bumps

Acne, blisters and bumps are caused by blocked hair follicles and glands. The condition is usually confined to the face but may involve areas such as neck, chest and back.

  1. Tenderness

As the swelling pushes against the sensitive nerve endings, this commonly causes tenderness and slight pain.

  1. Itchiness

Irritation of the affected area can give an itching or burning sensation which increase sensitivity.

Treating inflammation

Inflammation can almost always be treated with the correct use of treatments and products. One of our most popular treatments for inflammation is our LED light therapy.

LED technology works with your body to counteract the effects of inflammation. The treatment features various interchangeable lights that each emit a specific wavelength. This includes blue for killing acne bacteria; red for promoting healing and stimulating collagen and; infrared for reducing inflammation and stimulating collagen. By using different light combinations, we can effectively treat acne, rejuvenate your skin and reduce wrinkles.

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