Clear+Brilliant or Fraxel laser?

Can’t decide between Clear+Brilliant or Fraxel laser? You’re not alone, these two treatments are often confused with many believing they achieve the same result.  

While they use the same technology (a fractionated laser) and target many of the same skin concerns, they don’t actually achieve the same result.   

The reason for this comes down to the laser’s intensity. Fraxel penetrates the skin more deeply to repair damage, whereas Clear+Brilliant is focused on superficial resurfacing to help you achieve and maintain a healthy and glowing complexion.  

Here are the key differences: 

Treatment intensity

Clear+Brilliant is a relatively quick treatment with minimal discomfort. Fraxel meanwhile can cause some discomfort as the laser is penetrating the skin more deeply. In both cases, a numbing cream will be applied prior to the laser being administered. Your clinician will also work with you throughout the treatment to manage any pain you may be experiencing.  


Both Clear+Brilliant and Fraxel will leave your skin red after treatment, however this is more so the case with Fraxel. This is again due to the intensity of the laser, with redness lasting up to three days post-treatment. Most people are able to treat this as they would a sunburn, with ice. While in the case of Clear + Brilliant, most are able to resume normal activity straight after their treatment, Fraxel generally requires a bit of downtime.  

Length of results

This is the real difference between Clear+Brilliant and Fraxel. Most people generally only need one Fraxel per year to experience long-lasting results. These results include dramatically reduced pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles and surface scarring. With Clear + Brilliant®, four treatments over the course of a fortnightly and monthly treatments thereafter are recommended for the best result. Also, don’t believe that four to five Clear+Brilliant treatments will achieve the same result as one Fraxel. There simply is not enough thermal damage at the correct depth to compare the two. 

Bottom line is, both Clear+Brilliant and Fraxel deliver fantastic results when administered by expert hands who truly understand your skin and what you’re hoping to achieve.  

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