Crooked smile? How to correct lip asymmetry

Not happy with your smile when you look back at photos or catch your reflection in the mirror?  Lip asymmetry or a crooked smile is a common concern we see amongst our clients.  

Why is my smile crooked? 

No one’s lips, or face shape for that matter, are perfectly symmetrical – it’s part of what makes us uniquely beautiful! With that said, sometimes lip asymmetry can be a little more noticeable than we’d like. For example, some may have a disproportionally thin top lip that causes a gummy smile (when your top gum line show when smiling). Others meanwhile, have a drooping on either side of the mouth causing a noticeably crooked smile  

How can I treat my crooked smile? 

At Artisan, our highly-skilled nurses and doctors are experts at correcting asymmetrical lips. They’ll work with you to achieve a natural looking pout that accentuates your best features. Before & after - Lip filler

Our experts primarily use dermal filler injections to treat lip asymmetry. By strategically injecting dermal filler (supported in some cases by anti-wrinkle injections around the mouth), they work to naturally restore lost volume, plump thin areas, and lift drooping, leaving you with a beautiful pout that enhances your facial features and makes you look and feel your confident best 


When treating lip asymmetry, it’s important to put yourself in the hands of an expert clinician who is skilled in the art of injecting. Also, bear in mind that it can also often take a few treatments to achieve the desired result, so patience is key. Don’t worry though, the results are worth the wait!   

Learn more about correcting lip asymmetry. Book a consultation at your local Artisan clinic.