Dr Linda reveals how to achieve the “best version of yourself”

We live in a fantastic time where we can slow down the visible signs of ageing, enhance our favourite features, or improve the little imperfections that play on our mind. As a result we look and feel fresher and more confident. We all love and enjoy those feelings!


But with all the cosmetic options available and social media advertising, it can get confusing knowing what to do and where to start. Every day I get asked “what do you think would be good for me and my skin? I want to look good for my age and above all, I want to look natural. How do I achieve the best version of myself?”.


No matter what your age group, my advice is the same – the best results will come from a well-structured plan which we will make together. You don’t need to have all the answers when you come in to see us, but it is important that we spend time to help you understand what your options are and why, what you can expect to achieve, and empower you to feel you are making the right plan for your future “best version of yourself”.


During your consultation we will discuss many things that help us discover what treatments would be right for you, and importantly, tailor those treatments to suit you. The main things to discuss include:

  1. Identifying your main concerns – what are you seeing that you’d like to improve? Would you like to look less saggy? Less tired? Less angry? Less sad? More masculine? More feminine? More attractive? Slimmer?
  2. Assessment and Education – Your treating clinician will then assess you thoroughly to understand the underlying cause/s of your concerns, and share this with you. It’s important you understand why the unwanted changes are happening so you can better understand why certain treatments will be better for you.
  3. Planning your treatment program – now you are part of the team! It’s important that we have a clear plan to work with. Sometimes the order in which we perform these treatments is important, so we may need to prioritize certain treatments or combinations of treatments to achieve best results. Just like building a house, strong foundations are essential – so a ‘remove, rebuilt, protect, maintain’ approach helps to achieve best results. This also helps with timing the visible changes and budget.


So you are hopefully feeling more comfortable about your next visit with us or can advise a friend who also might be thinking of coming in to see us, that it won’t be as daunting as they might imagine. All we need from you is for you to tell us what you want to address, we are then here to help you learn about what you need, and you can then soon start to enjoy feeling fresher and confident!