How to get rid of spider veins

Are spider veins stopping you from wearing skirts or shorts? Appearing like blue or red spiderwebs, spider veins are commonly located on the nose, cheeks and chin. When left untreated, they continue to dilate and become more noticeable over time.

Spider veins are caused by a range of factors including age, genetics, sun exposure, and pregnancy. Prevention, early treatment and on-going maintenance is key to treating the condition. At Artisan, we treat spider veins and other vascular skin conditions with Laser Vein, which is a high-powered laser that targets red, blue, purple and brown veins and skin lesions.

Before and After - laser veinHow it works

Laser Vein uses the powerful, non-invasive Excel V laser to treat vascular skin conditions and pigmentation, which includes spider and leg veins, rosacea, and scarringIt repairs, restores and rejuvenates by collapsing red blood cells within abnormal blood vessels and pigment in dark skin spots. These damaged cells are then naturally eliminated by the body, which reduces the appearance of veins and pigmentation and restores skin to its natural tone.  

Types of veins that can be treated

Laser Vein removes unsightly veins from all parts of the body. This includes small facial veins, spider veins and larger blue leg veins.

What the treatment feels like

A cooling gel will be placed on the treatment area before the laser is glided over. No anaesthetic is required and most clients describing the treatment as relaxing. 

What to expect post treatment

Laser Vein is safe and effective treatment with no downtime which means you can return to your daily life straight away. Redness or bruising post-treatment can occur, however this disappears quickly.

When you’ll see results

Laser Vein results range from immediate to gradual with smaller red veins very close to the surface disappearing straight away. Significant improvement appears within two to six weeks of treatment and continues to improve over several months. Regular treatments will maintain long-lasting results.

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