Kristen Henry’s wedding skin

When it comes to wedding skin, breakouts, redness or dry skin are a brides worst nightmare, right? Well, her partner doing a runner is probably one’s WORST nightmare, but a huge pimple on the end of the nose on your wedding day is a close second. Something old, something new, something borrowed and no breakouts too… isn’t that the saying?

For me there were a few stresses leading into the big day. Standard, right? I’d broken out in a faint stress rash and that is when I realised my normal Rationale skincare regime was ideal for everyday life, but I needed something EXTRA to achieve glowing wedding day skin.

To be honest, all I had to do was go to Artisan Clinics and simply say “help!”. I wanted a no-fuss regime leading up to my wedding, that would prime my skin.

After one consultation, they assessed my skin and tailored a plan for me, and the results speak for themselves.

I felt beautiful; they are experts in their field after all. You really can’t go past this medical grade expertise from a team who listens and is always re-assessing.

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Tips from my Artisan journey:


Don’t do a Kristen and leave it to eight weeks out from your wedding. Get in early, I’d recommend at least three months, so the team can craft a treatment plan. The team wanted to do more for my skin, but because I’d left it so late, they “played it safe” and kept my plan easy and effective.

What treatments I had

Ask questions but trust their expertise, they know what you need. I maintained my prescribed Rationale skincare at home for maintenance, and over the eight weeks had rolling treatments of; Laser Genesis, HydraFacials, LED and masks.  With every visit they would re-asses so I always felt like I was on the right track to glowing skin.

The Results

I can’t recommend their expertise highly enough. I felt incredible; my skin was match day fit. Make-up glided on and stayed on. I was so happy with my photos! They are stuck with me now; I want this look to be my new normal.


A HUGE thank you to the Artisan Canberra team, what divine skin angels.

To any brides, best of luck to you as you prepare for your big day. Like I said, you just want to feel your best self so that everything can fall into place from there. In my experience it’s definitely worth a chat with Artisan in the lead up…good luck!

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Kristen Davidson is the Breakfast host of Canberra’s number one show “Kristen and Nige for Breakfast” on MIX 106.3. Kristen is also the entertainment reporter for Canberra’s WIN TV and writes for & Mamamia.