Race day = face day…how Kristen Davidson gets her skin event ready

As a working mum of a 6-month-old, whose alarm goes off at 4am each weekday for Breakfast radio, let’s just say my skin is a ‘challenge’ for the team at Artisan Woden (in my opinion)!

I’m also a woman who leads ‘Fashions on the Field’ for Canberra’s biggest race day ‘Black Opal Stakes’ and is snapped from every angle… which is nerve wracking. So you want to feel your best.

That’s why I throw my trust in Artisan.

We plan what my skin needs weeks out leading into an event so there’s wiggle room if we need to change treatments and they are with you every step of the way.

My skin often feels dry, is at times red on the cheeks and I’m prone to break outs along the jaw line when I am stressed.

Artisan always has the solution and don’t even judge when I have a little nap under the LED.

The plan:

HydraFacial and Laser Genesis every fortnight from 8 weeks out, finished with an LED if redness is an issue, and a light facial mask and LED a few days out from event for plumpness

The results:

I mean…the results speak for themselves. Vibrant, plump, hydrated skin which was the perfect canvas for the makeup artist.

I felt confident in myself which is something that you tend to struggle with from time to time after you become a mum.

The clinicians also talked to me about diet and water intake which made a huge difference. They have a 360-degree approach.

What I liked the best was that from time to time, the treatment could vary. I might be booked for one thing, but they would switch it up on arrival. They read my skin, not the diary, and tailored everything to me at that moment in time.

It is a process, its not a quick fix. Well my skin isn’t. Wishing you the best for your skin journey and can’t recommend Artisan highly enough.

Kristen x

Kristen Davidson is Canberra’s leading female media personality and hosts the top rating MIX 106.3 Breakfast show. Follow her adventures at www.channelk.com.au on Instagram @_kristendavidson or facebook @kristendavidsonofficial