Kristen Henry’s Secret to Event-Ready Glam

Not going to lie, when my dermal therapist at Artisan told me I needed to try out Dermapen™ Skin Needling, I had a slight freak out. Penetrating the top layer of my skin with microneedles, is this going to hurt? What’s the downtime? This doesn’t sound fun!

It sounded painful and a little intense…

The good news is, I was wrong on both fronts.

What I wanted to target

I have some acne scaring and large pores. Dermapen™ Skin Needling was recommended because it stimulates collagen and uses the micro-needles to get to the deeper layers of your skin, triggering your body’s natural wound healing response, to work on those scars. I was also told downtime is minimal; I’d be red after the treatment, but okay the next day.

My acne scarring is something that continues to plague me, even as an adult, so I was willing to give it a go. I booked in, making sure I had the treatment on a Friday so I had the weekend to lay low, just in case.

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What the treatment involved.

Your clinician will numb your face to start, and then the micro needling begins. It almost feels like light, fast, repetitive tapping, not painful at all. Around your eyes and nose it makes you feel like you’re about to sneeze, you know that light vibration feeling?

It only lasts for around 20 minutes and afterwards when you look in the mirror you are a little flushed; you feel hot and your skin feels tight. When I got home my husband asked me if I’d been outdoors because it looked like I was a little sunburnt; that’s the best way to describe how it felt and looked!

The Results

But by Saturday afternoon I was back to normal and by Monday my skin was absolutely glowing.

I was hosting a ball the week after I had the treatment and got so many comments on my dewy, fresh and radiant skin.

Moral of the story; it’s really not as scary as it sounds, but make sure there are no photo shoots or events the next day to give yourself time to recover.

The Artisan team are so gentle and really can read what your skin needs. I’m so grateful to them for their advice.

My skin journey continues, hope yours is going well too.


Kristen x

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Kristen Davidson is Canberra’s leading media personality, host of the number one breakfast radio show ‘Kristen and Nige for Breakfast’ on MIX 106.3.