The cosmetic treatment celebs swear by

From Drew Barrymore to Australia’s own Anna Heinrich, Clear + Brilliant® is the cosmetic treatment celebs swear by for a glowing complexion.  

What is Clear + Brilliant®?

Clear + Brilliant® is a fractionated laser that gently penetrates the top layer of your skin a fraction at a time via hundreds of thousands of microscopic columns. It works to repair, remodel and resurface your skin bringing a number of benefits. This includes: 

  • Lightening pigmentation 
  • Shrinking pores  
  • Reducing and preventing the signs of ageing 

Designed for all skin types and ages, its a treatment celebs swear by for improving skin texture and creating a more even canvas. It also brightens tone, giving you a radiant and youthful glow.  

“After my first treatment, I noticed my skin was not only more radiant, but it had a softer, smoother texture and reduced pore size.”– Anna Heinrich 

Clear + Brilliant® only takes 45 minutes. Don’t let the laser fool you, it’s a very gentle treatment with no downtime required afterwards. We will also apply a numbing cream to ensure you’re comfortable throughout.  

Before and After - Clear + Brilliant

The results

The best part of Clear+Brilliant is that results are instant and continue to improve over time. In fact, depending on your age and skin’s condition, results can last for months. 

Your skin will likely have a sandpaper like texture for the first five days. Don’t stress! This means the treatment is working! This is the damaged skin cells being brought to the surface and shed. What will be left in their place is smoother, brighter, totally rejuvenated skin.  

Just one treatment will help to rejuvenate your skin. To achieve the best result, we recommend an initial four treatments over the course of a fortnight, with monthly treatments thereafter. Ensuring you’re using medical grade cosmeceuticals and applying SPF will also help to maintain your glowing and radiant complexion.  

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