Are fat reducing treatments right for me?

Are you considering options to reduce those problem areas but not sure what the right treatments are for you? Gone are the days where surgery was the only option to improve stubborn pockets of fat. Now the options to reduce your circumference are endless. With so many treatments available on the market it can be unclear as to what is most effective, how they work, your safety and the results you can expect.

At Artisan Aesthetic Clinics, we understand the importance of feeling confident in your skin, that’s why we offer two non-invasive treatments that help reduce fat in problem areas to help you achieve your desired body. Our body contouring systems have no needles, no downtime and minimal discomfort, with visible results in as little as six-12 weeks! If you are experiencing concerns with areas that are holding extra fat, then our treatments are right for you.


About our treatments

At Artisan, we offer two body contouring treatments – CoolSculpting® and TruSculpt®, both of which are aimed at reducing the fat cells from targeted areas on the face and body. The main difference between the two are the handpieces used to complete the treatments.  While CoolSculpting® uses cold to eliminate fat, TruSculpt® utilises radiofrequency which produces heat.


How they work


Using radio frequency technology, TruSculpt® targets, heats and destroys fat cells to reduce body fat and reshape problem areas delivering a more firm and contoured shape. Due to the heating technology this also has benefits to the elasticity and texture of the skin. The body naturally eliminates damages cells post treatment resulting in approximate 24% loss of fat in the treated area.


CoolSculpt comfortably cools your fat deposits causing them to damage and perish. In the months following treatment, your body will naturally metabolise the dead fat cells, resulting in approximately 20% loss of fat in the treated area.

Are the treatments safe?

Yes. At Artisan, you can rest assured knowing you are being treated by a highly skilled, well trained clinician. Both CoolSculpting® and TruSculpt® are totally non-invasive, requiring no needles or incisions and cause minimal discomfort during the treatment. You can also resume your daily activities straight away afterwards.

What are the results?

Many of our clients are their ideal body weight, but still have hard-to-budge pockets of fat in areas of their body that affect their appearance and ideal shape. These people often continue their weight loss efforts, only to find that the grams come off their face – and not their unwanted fat deposits!

Results can be seen in as little as six weeks and will continue to improve over time as the treatment keeps eliminating damaged cells to give you a firm and contoured shape.


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