What facial is best for your skin type?

There’s no one size fits all when it comes to determining the best facial for your skin type because we all have different skin types. Just because a hydrating facial worked for your best friend, it doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you! 

Here’s our guide to the best results-driven facial treatment combinations based on the most common skin conditions we see at Artisan.

Dull and dry skin

Our top pick to quickly blast away dull and dry skin has to be HydraFacial MD. Using patented technology, the treatment goes beyond your standard facial to deeply cleanse, exfoliate and infuse your skin with a cocktail of antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acid. To take your results to the next level, combine your HydraFacial with a dose of LED Light Therapy. By using different wavelengths of light to trigger your skin’s natural healing process, LED works with HydraFacial to create an even brighter, healthier looking complexion.


Sensitive and acne prone skin

DMK’s Enzyme Therapy is the perfect facial for sensitive and acne prone skin. It works to restore skin to its peak condition by strengthening and restoring its structural integrityIt’s ideal if you suffer from pigmentation, sun damage, acne or just dry skin. Want to up the ante? Combine with Laser Genesis for an even more vibrant, healthy looking complexion. Laser Genesis gently heats the upper layer of skin by distributing thousands of micro pulses. This works to reduce skin redness and rosacea and improve the appearance of acne scarring.


Ageing skin 

When it comes to a facial to fight the signs of ageing, you can’t beat skin needling. The treatment restores and rejuvenates the skin by using micro needles to stimulate collagen and elastin formation. This works to reduce wrinkles and fine lines and tighten and improve elasticity for a more youthful glow. Achieve even greater results when you combine with PRP. Standing for platelet rich plasma, PRP uses your own plasma to deliver growth factors to your skin to naturally brighten and refresh. 

Remember, this is just a guide. Our skin is unique and the course of treatments prescribed will vary depending on your individual goals and skin type. Book a complimentary consultation with our team of highly qualified clinicians to learn the best course of treatments for your skin.

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