Your 3-step guide to beating acne

Acne is one of the most common skin concerns we see amongst our clients. Affecting both young and old, it’s a debilitating skin condition that can significantly impact your self-confidence.  

The problem: 

Acne is the result of overactive sebaceous glands and excess skin cell production, resulting in blackheads, whiteheads and cysts. However not all acne is the same and treatments need to be tailored to your specific needs to achieve the best results. 

The cause: 

Genetics and hormones are the primary impacting factors, but in some cases it may be an external factor that can be causing, if not increasing, the severity of breakouts. In both cases this changed hormonal activity stimulates an over production of oil. At the same time the skin becomes thicker as cells no longer exfoliate in an organised way leading to congestion which is a mix of oil and dead skin cells. This provides the perfect breeding ground for Propionibacterium acnes (P acnes). This bacterium is responsible for the redness and inflammation that most often progresses on to the cysts and whiteheads. 

The treatment: 

At Artisan, we take a three-step approach to combatting acne, which we tailor to our client’s individual needs and skin condition:   

  1. Consultation

Diagnosing the type of acne you have and assessing its severity will help us determine the best treatment program for you. At Artisan, we will carry out a thorough consultation with you prior to your treatment to understand your concerns, assess your skin’s condition, and determine exactly what type of acne you have. We’ll then tailor a treatment plan that will ensure you achieve the best results. Because acne is a stubborn and persistent condition, the most effective way to tackle it is via a number of treatment modalities.


  1. Skin Needling

Dermapen is an innovative, non-invasive skin needling treatment that restores and rejuvenates the skin. It works by penetrating the top layers of the skin with micro-needles that create pin-point injuries in the deeper layers. This then triggers the body’s natural healing response, stimulating new collagen and elastin formation. This reduces wrinkles, acne and acne scarring, and other imperfections, while improving skin texture and tone.


  1. LED light therapy

LED technology works with your body’s own natural processes to counteract skin inflammation. LED treatments feature various interchangeable light treatment heads that each emit a specific wavelength of light. This includes blue for killing acne bacteria; red for promoting healing and stimulating collagen; and infrared for reducing inflammation and stimulating collagen. By using different combinations of the LED treatment heads, we can deliver effective treatment protocols for acne, skin rejuvenation and wrinkle reduction.

Finally, medical grade skincare is another essential tool for treating and managing acn. Our extensive range of products can give you the most effective outcome depending on your individual needs.  

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